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Sustainable Lifestyle Store

A community powered concept store, it connects 1600+sustainable members with products from 40+ sustainable champions (eco-preneurs). While their scope is throughout India, a beginning is made at Kothrud in Pune. Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Center – encompasses workshops, events, convergence sessions, awareness activities.

Highlights lifestyle experience through products and services. Those sessions, workshops are conducted by experts in respective fields. E.g.: Urban farming, lifestyle awareness, natural healing, food for health, parenting & more.

Address: Sustainable Lifestyle Store, Madhavbaug Clinic, Plot No 34, Shiv-Gayatri, Kulashree Society Lane 2, Near Sai-Vihar Phase 2 Society, Karvenagar, Pune 411052.
Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Centres are spread across, Kothrud, Pashan, Baner, Nigdi, Koregaon Park in Pune.

O! Bhaji

O! Bhaji started in January 2012. It works as a direct link between Zero Budget Natural Farmers (ZBNF) and the customers in Pune. It is a home delivery model that ensures efficiency and lesser wastage. It provides vegetables, fruits and grocery items. Lately they have also introduced chemical free toiletry items that will help in reducing the water pollution at the individual household level.

Shubha Kulkarni, the founder of O! Bhaji is an MBA; with a Masters in Retail and Consumer Sciences from the USA and a graduate from Ecological Society, Pune. After 7 years of retail experience both in the US and India, she decided to work in the field of providing safe food directly to the homes of people.

Website :
Base Location: Aundh, Pune

O! bhaji

Mera Farmer

Started as an initiative to connect ZBNF / Organic farmers to consumers. Availability of naturally grown / organic perishables was a challenge, and hence My Farmer was conceived. Today they home deliver over 100 products from veggies, fruits, grains, books and more to the customers in Pune. They also arrange meetings with farmers and farm visits. Their facebook page has stories from farms and nutrition from the local food. They pride in maintaining a Minimum support price to the farmers; atleast 60% of the MRP of the products reaches the farmers.

Sujit Agarwal, founder of My Farmer is an electronic engineer who voluntarily retired and moved to agriculture, to bring a social change. He tried Aquaponics for a year to resolve the water woes of farmers, but couldn’t succeed. And he chose the second best option to help farmers .i.e. connect them to the consumers in cities. Seema Agrawal his better half, too voluntarily retired as a Marketing head of a Food company and joined My Farmer.

Base Location: Pashan, Pune

ZBNF Store

A community powered concept store, it connects 1600+sustainable members with products from 40+ sustainable champions (eco-preneurs). While their scope is throughout India, a beginning is made at Kothrud in Pune. Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Center – encompasses workshops, events, convergence sessions, awareness activities.

Kalsubai Millets

A community powered concept store, it connects 1600+sustainable members with products from 40+ sustainable champions (eco-preneurs). While their scope is throughout India, a beginning is made at Kothrud in Pune. Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Center – encompasses workshops, events, convergence sessions, awareness activities.

Healthy Food Bank

Started by Sujata Nafade and Pratibha Kolte to create awereness about healthy food and supply them through their homes in Kothrud and Pashan in Pune. They have vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses from naturally growing farmers. Their vision is “avashakta based utpadan adharit vinimay” which will lead to “akhand samaj sarvabhaum vyavstha”. They believe that some products  like  rava, masala, thaliphith bhajani, etc. can be made at home, thereby  restoring all its nutritional values; so they share items as well as recipies to make them. Their intention is to avoid adulteration (bhesal) and profit based mentality.

As Sujata puts it :”आधी ही धान्य आम्ही आमच्या परीवारासाठीच आणत होतो. मग या नैसर्गीक धान्या ची मागणी आमच्या सानिध्यातल्या परीवाराकडून व्हायला लागली.  ट्रान्सपोर्ट चार्जेस व्यतीरिक्त कुठलेही चार्जेस लावलेले नाहीत. विक्री, profit loss हा उद्देश्य नाही. आहारबद्दलची जागरूकता आणी सर्वांना हे वीषमुक्त पौष्टीक धान्य मिळावे हीच अपेक्षा ठेऊन आम्ही काम करतो आहोत. ”

Contact : Sujata Nafade – 9405270727 (Pashan, Pune) Pratibha Kolte – 9860446260 (Kothrud, Pune)


HEALTH & NUTRITION have a strong direct connection. This was realised aptly by homemaker & nutritionist Mrinalini Bhalerao, who created a system to bridge farmers with consumers. On visiting market yards, she realised that the present scenario is neither helping farmers nor consumers. In her quest to understand it all better, she started visiting farmers. She was horrified to see the hazardous ways used to cultivate, to enhance the “looks” of vegetables. She would always see a ‘not for sale’ corner in every field, where the owner-farmers planted food for their own family; a patch kept free from harmful chemical pesticides!

At this point she decided to go to the root cause of the problem in farming, as well as in the market system. She started with a vision of “ SAFE, HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS FOOD FOR ALL” and soon, Ayushpa Organics came into existence. She runs a “Shop-on-Wheels” in different areas in Pune city, which brings non-toxic farm produce right at buyer’s doorstep. Nearly 25-30 local varieties are available along with seasonal fruits. She insists that consumers should know the source of food they eat. Farmers’ names should become a brand to trust. As more people begin to demand safe food, more farmers will be encouraged for safe cultivation practices.

Ayushpa Organics: 9850650037 / 8007772582
Base Location: Baner, Pune

Fruit Tokri

There are three things in the world we work, strive and live for: Roti, Kapda aur Makaan!. Roti or Food being the most important; we strive for good, healthy food. Unfortunately, there are harmful, poisonous chemicals in the food. These chemicals are really slow killers, affecting kids the most. Chemicals not only cause cancer, but also affect our eye sight, memory, skin, hair, digestion, and weight.

Considering all the above Supriya Patwardhan decided to use her farmer family background and Yateen’s agro-consultancy knowledge, to start a home-delivery service of naturally ripened, residue free, organic vegetables, fruits and groceries called “Fruit-tokri”. They have a team of farmers who practise zero budget farming. Zero-budget natural farming basically means, they use natural fertilizers and pesticides like Jeevamrut, Neemastra, Dashaparni Ark and so on, ensuring that we get good, healthy, residue-free, organic food. They also have their own ripening chambers in which they maintain ideal conditions like temperature, humidity, oxygen, CO2 for natural ripening of fruits like mangoes and bananas.

Supria Patwardhan: 9822920401
Base Location: Sinhagad Road, Pune

Orgo Natural

OrgoNatural is a team of concerned persons; concerned about the welfare of farmers, consumers, and the ecosystems as whole. One can visualize it as a tree. The farmers are its roots. Orgonatural core team is like a trunk. Sales outlets are the branches. Consumers are the leaves and committed customers are its flowers. The satisfaction of all parts is the fruit of this wholistic venture.

We strive to bridge the gap; the invisible wall between consumers and producer. By charging a very low margin on farm produce we are trying to connect sensitive consumers with dedicated, sustainable, chemical free farmers. We aim to offer poison free food of good nutritive value at competitive price to consumers and pass maximum share of it to the farmers. We are providing our services in most parts of Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad via stalls at set locations.

Rajesh Laxman Gholap: 9689901733. Website:


Mahasatta Agro-vision Shetkari Mandal is a group of ethical, educated and passionate certified organic farmers. They do farming following Padmashri Subhash Palekar’s ZBNF techniques for over 7 years. Authenticity is their top priority. This is probably the only farmer’s group which does a random sample testing to monitor the pesticide or chemical residue content; not for exports but for domestic supply. Dheeraj Pipada, a farmer himself; started marketing their produce in Pune since 2011, under the brand name ‘Rich n Fresh’.

Started as a stall activity in various societies; they have expanded into a mini-mall of organic produce. It’s a one stop shop for all organic needs of a consumer. It’s the one and only mall in Maharashtra by a farmer’s group where apart from fresh veggies, fruits, grains and spices they also have organic cosmetics, textiles and safe processed foods. Apart from the mall, their products are available at Dorabjee store in Camp. And they also do home deliveries for big orders and send some parcel services across and outside India too.

Dheeraj Pipada: 9881025599
Store Address: Rich n Fresh, Shivtara Garden, DP Rd, Kothrud, Pune, 411038


With the rise in consumption of organic products, several individual stores in the city are offering Organic products. Ajit Vartak and Shailesh Dongre, both IT Engineers, spent 18+ years in IT Corporates, started Organic Supply and Nature Tourism (ONEST) in August 2015 as an extended arm of “Sendriya Setu” a farmer group in Pargaon to distribute farm produce in Pune. Realising that it was difficult for farmers to bear the cost of transport, distribution and marketing in addition to farming, they tried to be a bridge between the farmers and consumers.

They get organic farm produce directly from farmers in different regions like Bhor, Baramati, Latur and even Konkan for specific local varieties. More than 550+ consumers in Pune are associated with ONEST till date. They work on “Pre-Order” weekly delivery system. Online orders are taken through WhatsApp and email groups. They now have six collection centers in Pune where people do come and collect their ordered items. They also organize awareness camps and Farmers/Consumers meet, farm-visits and have been educating people about the benefits of Eating Organic. “Of course organic products are a bit pricier compared to products which are produced using harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but we believe in: “consume organic (safe) food as medicine, otherwise medicines will become your diet in future”.

Ajit Vartak: 8097796070 / Shailesh Dongre: 94235 74109
Website: | Email:

Sustainable Eco Bazar

Varsha and Vishwanath Gupta started with supplying A2 Milk to supply healthy option to fellow Indians. They came to know about ZBNF and found it is very closely related to their principles. Guptas encourage and promote chemical free lifestyle range from Food, Beauty, Recycle, Reuse & Reduce. They make Panchagavya products based on cow’s output. They also cultivate millets in their farm and supply them.  Sustainable Eco-Bazar are associated with some farmers to procure chemical-free agricultural produce and also supply directly to customers. Sustainable Eco-Bazar now operate a store at Baner in Pune by the same name.

Store: Sustainable Eco Bazar
Address: Shop 12, Prime Rose Mall, G.Floor, Baner Road, Baner, Pune-411045
Landmark: Dattamandir Bus Stop
Website: /


Gaudhan Cow Products was founded by Pravin Kolle, computer engineer by profession, located in Akurdi, Pradhikaran started his journey 5 years back.The resolution of upbringing and awareness about organic food, cow products, (panchgavya products) and wooden-churn oil between common people and creating platform and sustainability for the products of different upcoming gaushalas,

who are dedicated to serving our mother cow, “Gaudhan Cow Products” came into existence. Gaudhan, runs its own wooden-churn oil-mill with complete hygiene and also guides the young generation to get into our traditional organic culture.

Pravin Kole: +91-98226-62924


MORE TO FARMERS AND LESS TO CONSUMERS is the way to sum up what’s done at Holyganic. With an experience of 15 years in the organic field and two years’ extensive research just to know the answers to a few simple questions is what lead to the start of Holyganic. The basic question was, if organic food is expensive for consumers, why then is the farmer still not paid well? Ditto vice-versa.. Founders Anil Kharde and J.W.Girish, both coming from a strong spiritual background, started Holyganic with an intent to spread love & peace through food; and love happens when the whole food supply-chain is integrated with joy and happiness. They have happy farmers who get a fair share (highest share of the consumer rupee) throughout the year, irrespective of the conventional market ups & downs, and they also have happy consumers, for they get fresh organic produce at affordable prices.

As the name suggests, this is not just organic but a divine holy mission for them and a movement “SAVING FARMS, NOT JUST FARMERS”!


WhatsApp: +91-744-749-8886 / +91-962-367-9344

Satvik Naturals

Satvik Naturals started in May’16 with a vision of concept store to make available reasonably priced healthy food, herbal personal care & other natural products to every home in the vicinity. In a very short time span reached to more than 2000 cherished consumers with products from more than 20 producers.

Focus is to explore healthy and natural alternatives for every product used in day to day life by consumers. Supporting small holder producers and farmers to provide a platform for their products and promoting through the store.  

Two years vigorous search and connects resulted in to alternates and or natural sources for snacks, cereals, grains, spices, cosmetics, super foods, home care products, health supplements, oils, and many more.

Vision is to create a platform for healthy & reliable products from genuine producers across India. Sheer follower and supporter of Green Revolution & Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Promoting handmade cloth and newspaper bags at nominal cost to the consumers a small contribution to “No plastic bags” drive.

List of major producers and brands we deal with currently;

  1. Sampurna Shetkari
  2. Tito’s Organics
  3. Veg Mart Organics
  4. Mera Kissan Organics
  5. Pure & Sure-Phalada Organics
  6. Gud2Eat
  7. GoVeda
  8. Grenera Organics
  9. EcoValley
  10. Herbal Strategy
  11. Patanjali-select products
  12. Sri Sri Tatva-select products              

Address- Satvik Naturals, Konark Nagar,Vimannagar,Pune 411014

Phone: 9767891335

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